Election left country headed the wrong way

I donít write many letters to the editor and, in the past, I have intentionally avoided writing about or discussing politics with anyone other than close friends and family. After the election, however, I am starting to think that policy is a mistake.

I am surprised and disappointed at how our country and state voted. I refuse to believe that more than half of us want bigger government, higher taxes, more regulation and less control of our own lives. What happened to freedom and self-reliance?

If we continue down this path, we eventually will suffer major consequences. A federal government that spends money it doesnít have and wants to regulate and control every aspect of our lives while failing to adequately defend us is not one that I can support. After this election it is obvious that far too many of us either donít care or are blind to what is happening. Our government wants to control our medical insurance and, consequently, the actual care we receive. It believes we should raise taxes on people who actually do create jobs and spend more on endless programs. Virtually every aspect of our lives is, or is going to be, regulated, and somehow our state thinks smoking pot should be legal.

We need to wake up and remember what used to be great about this country and state. I think most people agree with me, and I hope they will speak up and encourage everyone to think about what is happening and vote next time.

Kurt Will