Wendy’s promises to replace cut trees

Managers worried trees posed risk

Wendy’s will be replacing the four trees that it recently removed from the front of its hamburger restaurant at 1840 Main Ave., but the new trees will have to wait until the spring.

Mark Austin, vice president of real estate for the Durango Wendy’s, blamed bad timing for the delay.

The restaurant wanted to remove the trees, which had suffered damage from insects and salt, before “they fell on somebody,” but could not do it before the weather turned cold.

If they were planted now, “they wouldn’t take,” Austin said.

When someone had complained about the tree removal to the city of Durango, Wendy’s got a letter from the city reminding them to comply with their original landscape plan that the city had approved in 1989.

Austin and Mark Williams, a city planner, said Wendy’s and the city would consult with the Colorado Department of Transportation about the kind of trees that should be planted so they won’t obstruct views of the street and pose a safety hazard for traffic.

But the restaurant wants to emphasize that it is eager to plant the trees.

“We love trees, too,” Austin said.