Shape diet with moderation in mind

The Food & Nutrition section is always full of fun and interesting articles a welcome relief from the political stories. I found the story about the new Paleo food trend quite interesting (Herald, Nov. 14). Eat like a caveman, I guess.

However, the best comments in the story came from Dr. Bruce Andrea near the end of the article. His advice about eating a Mediterranean food model and reinforcing exercise along with diet is so true. No new food trend Paleo, gluten-free, vegan is any better than another depending on body type and activity. Also, its always good to know where your food comes from, and Durango is fortunate to have a bountiful local farmers market along with grocery stores that provide natural and organic foods.

Andrea said it correctly, and Im sure he would agree with what my grandmother once wisely said: All things in moderation. That applies to food, as well as life. Go ahead, enjoy Thanksgiving dinner like a caveman: in moderation with lots of exercise.

Linda Mannix