The GOP needs to return to pragmatism

The Republican Party leadership has thrown yet another election by pandering to the far-right money supply. Hereís why this 40-year registered Republican canít support their devolving platform:

You canít cut the deficit by decreasing revenue and increasing spending. So, cutting taxes while increasing spending on the military and welfare for industry is fiscal idiocy. Stop telling me you can do that. Itís a lie.

Defunding Planned Parenthood is just plain wrong. Do you really want more unwanted pregnancies? More unplanned babies to support? You want to model our reproductive policies after Sharia law? Paul Ryan and Todd Akin can take their trip to the Dark Ages without me.

Fact-based sex education, affordable reproductive care and easily affordable, available contraception are paramount to our countryís success and prosperity in the long run.

The Republican Party once stood for pragmatic, logical policies designed to make our country more successful and more competitive to benefit all citizens, not just the wealthy and hyper-religious ones. It should go back to that.

Get rid of its regressive tax-and-spend policies and fundamentalist religious dogma and it can have my support again. Until then, Iíll be voting for and contributing elsewhere.

Patrick Lyon