Drought and overgrazing spoil elk hunting

In response to Michael Hannís hunting experience this last October, (Letters, Herald, Nov. 20) I am writing to relate that I shared a similar experience this year. I hunt near those areas above Lemon Reservoir, as well, and I observed the over-grazing and the lack of elk. In years past, Iíve seen and chased many animals around those hills. This season, in five days, I saw no animals and no fresh sign. Iíve suffered an empty freezer many times, but this was the firstyear ever where I didnít even catch a glimpse of an elk waving its tail ďbye-byeĒ at me.

This year, the high country was the driest Iíve ever seen. And Iím fairly certain that if you asked our esteemed state representative sheep rancher about the grazing conditions this year, he would agree that the drought made it tough. And then, in the next sentence, there might be a denial regarding humans and climate change.

Could an overgrazed high country contribute to climate change? I donít know that answer, but something surely seems amiss locally.

Things should be better next season, as our honorable sheep rancher will have more time to tend to his flocks.

Craig H. Strand