Servers have role in stopping drunken driving

I was at a fine dining restaurant/bar recently where there was a gentleman who was visibly intoxicated sitting at the table next to me. As he was getting ready to leave, I asked our server if she or the bartender would like to make sure the man was OK to drive. She replied that she thought he was a grown man and could make his own choices. I told her that although that may be true, it is her responsibility as a server of alcohol to make sure that he does not drive drunk. She argued with me that it was not.

This scenario is probably all too common in La Plata County, and it is a shame. We pride ourselves on community, but do not have policies or laws within drinking establishments that support it in situations where someone’s life may be on the line.

In Oregon, alcohol permits need to be obtained through the Oregon Liquor Control Commission by all people who serve alcohol in drinking establishments in order to ensure that the server and restaurant has received the proper education regarding public safety and social responsibility.

I am not writing as a prohibitionist, but as a concerned community member. It is simply time for our community to step up and take a more responsible approach to how we serve and consume alcoholic beverages.

Amita Nathwani