Build a new sewer plant someplace else

Recently, The Durango Herald carried an article addressing the problem of the current water treatment plant at Santa Rita Park. The article mentioned the probable choice of a large expenditure to upgrade the current plant. I say, letís save this money toward a new, modern water treatment plant in a different location.

According to my nostrils, this plant has not met any standards in the years we have lived here, and itís getting worse. How can walkers, joggers, kayakers, rafters, picnickers, special events, soccer players, their coaches and parents use Santa Rita Park for any length of time without getting nauseated? I suppose the dogs either donít object much or think itís hopeless.

Here is a lovely park, on the recently extended river trail, with the revolting smell of the cityís effluent. It is time to start planning for funding to move this plant farther away from where people live and play, and in the process, build it to meet standards Ė water and air Ė to accommodate the current development of Three Springs and Twin Buttes as well as the possible future growth on Ewing Mesa and La Posta Road.

For a town that prides itself on healthy living, this plant has outlived its space, and itís time to rethink its future.

Eliane Viner