Herald’s price for single copies increases today

Ballantine Enlargephoto


To Herald readers:

Beginning today, the single-copy price of the Sunday Durango Herald increases to $1.50. Starting Monday, the price of the daily Durango Herald advances to $1.

The additional revenue will be used to support company operations, especially the newspaper’s significant local news-gathering efforts.

The daily single-copy price was last increased April 2, 2000, The Sunday price was last changed March 3, 1996.

Home-delivery rates are not being increased. They will be adjusted when a combined print and digital access package is available, likely in the spring.

Single-copy purchasers who are short of coins can consider adding a stop at a convenience or grocery store to their daily routine. Or they might want to consider a home-delivered subscription at a lower overall cost.

Market surveys show that the Herald’s news, advertising and opinion are highly valued. We hope that you will accept the need for the price increases.

Richard G. Ballantine