Movement needed to affect climate change

Climate change is the game shifter of our times. It could destroy our economy, not to mention our planet. Consider costs of Katrina, Sandy, Fukushima, drought, wildfires, and the loss of forests, fisheries, oils, winter sports and tourism. “Listen; there’s a hell of a great universe next door: Let’s go,” wrote the poet ee cummings. When we have no more clean air or water, no healthy food or soils, where should we go?

Despite decades of denial and deliberate suppression of information sources and research efforts, Mother Nature is making us painfully aware of the folly of trying to manage nature with our inventions. corporations, markets, economies and departments. It has to be the other way around. We can’t change nature; We can change our inventions.

After Fukushima, the Japanese, without any legislation, reduced-energy usage by 25 percent; nuclear supplied about 30 percent of the demand. The newly formed Japan Renewable Energy Foundation has as its sole function to get Japan off nukes and fossil fuels. If Japan does this, it will negate our excuses for saying “no.”

Writing about the issues hasn’t worked and neither has talking. A movement is needed. Elders need to show up: healthier Earth, healthier people, healthier economy. The potential benefit of leading in renewables is great; the potential cost of doing nothing is a risk beyond all risks.

I haven’t marched in a demonstration since the 1980s and “Ground Zero” in Dallas, walking the circumference that would be devastated by a nuclear bomb. Yet here I am, at age 72, preparing to take Amtrak into Union Station to march in the Forward On Climate Rally in Washington on Feb. 17. Anyone else interested?

Marilyn McCord