No Labels movement aims at budget issues

Just a few days ago, I returned from New York City where I attended a countrywide gathering of concerned citizens. The organization is relatively new and its name is No Labels.

More than 1,400 were in attendance from almost every state in the union. The context of No Labels is simple. Our elected representatives and senators in Washington, D.C., have let the people in the United States down on fiscal issues for too long. The just recently disbanded 112th Congress has been labeled the least productive Congress in the history of the United States.

The group that I am now a part of has established some key principals:

1. Since the Congress has not passed a required budget for at least three years, the sitting members and Senators should forgo any salary until a budget is passed.

2. Schedule an annual joint meeting of Congress with the resident where the full details of income and spending including debt service would be fully disclosed to the American public.

3. Govern for the future, not just the next election

4. Put country ahead of party.

I am a retired community bank CEO who has lived in La Plata County for more than 33 years. After many years of frustration, I left the Republican Party and am a registered unaffiliated voter.

The constant overspending beyond our means for years by both political parties has put this great country in a seriously debilitated position.

Its time to hold each of our elected officials accountable. There are great people in each party. Unfortunately, there are not enough of them. If you have an interest, go to for a full run down.

Steve Parker