Arm every household to its fullest

The two sides of the gun debate have argued themselves to a standstill.

The gun-control advocates say that the founders never imagined the destructive power that modern weaponry has achieved; therefore, the most destructive military-style weapons should be restricted from civilian use. The NRA presents the opposite perspective. It argues that the Founding Fathers were so frightened of the powers of the government they were crafting that they also created the Second Amendment as a counterweight to their newly forming federal government. The NRA argues that the purpose of the “well-regulated militia” was to fight the central government if or when the people find its power too oppressive.

I would like to move the argument off dead center by proposing that we carry the NRA proposition to its logical conclusion. Things have changed considerably since 1776.

For one thing, the United States now has a standing national army that didn’t exist even in the imaginations of the founding fathers. Today, the United States possesses real-time satellite surveillance, supersonic aircraft armed with missiles both air-to-air and air-to-ground, an arsenal of chemical weaponry ranging from annoying to lethal, nuclear submarines, and on and on.

When the revolution comes, standing against the most formidable fighting force ever assembled on the face of the Earth will be the NRA member and a few of his neighbors. Armed with grit and determination and clips holding 30 rounds each, their fight against the communo-fascist-socialist U.S. government will be over in minutes.

No, for liberty to be truly protected in the manner preferred by the NRA, mere unrestricted gun sales are not enough. Citizen-patriots need access to the real thing: ground-to-air missiles, land mines, drone aircraft armed with appropriate lethal weapons, oh, and some sort of naval capability too.

Taken to the farthest logical conclusion, the only way to insure individual rights is for each household to be fully armed with the complete array of modern weapons stored in each basement.

When each household is, in effect, its own country we will have given new meaning to the phrase “nuclear family.”

Larry A. Bollinger