Cyclists celebrate court decision lifting bike ban

When the Colorado Supreme Court overturned a ban on bicycles in Black Hawk on Monday, Ron Wheeler of Durango celebrated.

Wheeler, a cycling advocate, created a Facebook page, “Bicyclists and Tourists Boycott Black Hawk Colorado” in June 2009, to fight the ban, getting more than 1,900 followers.

The ban “was basically a blight on the entire state,” he said.

Black Hawk is on the southern end of Peak to Peak Highway, a scenic route popular with cyclists. Those passing through town had to walk their bikes along the town’s casino-lined streets.

Cities in Colorado can ban bicycles on busy streets, but must provide an alternative bike route within 450 feet.

Incidentally, the high court’s ruling mentions Durango several times in establishing Colorado as a bicycle-friendly state, noting that the Durango Wheel Club was established in the late 1800s and Durango hosted the first World Mountain Bike Championship in 1990.

Herald Staff