Carver lived his life 100 percent

Durango has suffered the loss of a fellow comrade. Peter Carver died in an avalanche Saturday in Silverton, and it is time for us to open our hearts to the families and loved ones connected to Peter, as well as his other two mates, Duncan Rothwell and Nate Klema, who survived this unfortunate experience.

I give thanks for the fond memories I shared with Peter on top of mountain peaks, shredding slopes, dancing at shows and lost in genuine conversation. His presence touched Durango, and he will live on forever in our hearts and memories. He lived 100 percent, and died doing what he loved. It saddens me that his friends were the ones to witness his end, however, what two of the finest friends to share his last moments with. My heart goes out to you, Duncan, Nate and family. Farewell, Peter.

“Farmer Dave” Travieso