Five take out applications for City Council

Christina Rinderle the only incumbent in the group

The Durango City Council election April 2 could be competitive with five people so far taking out applications to fill the three open council seats.

The potential candidates are Keith Brant, Jordan Golson, Floyd Patterson, Kristen Smith, and the incumbent and former mayor Christina Rinderle, who would be running for a second term.

Applications first became available Wednesday. Candidates have until Feb. 26 to qualify by getting 25 registered voters in Durango to sign their petitions.

Not everyone who takes out an application will necessarily run for office.

Keith Brant, owner of Durango Premier Vacation Rental and a former board president of the Durango Chamber of Commerce, is encouraged by the size of the field.

“Even if there are five people, there are three seats, so 60 percent will get elected. That’s pretty good odds,” Brant, 43, said Friday.

Golson, 29, a volunteer with Durango Fire & Rescue Authority and a technology journalist for the website, said he intends to run.

“I’m a relative newbie, but hopefully, we’ll get some new blood in there,” said Golson, a two-year resident of Durango.

Smith, 29, said she considers herself a “typical Durangoan,” holding a lot of typical jobs, working for Durango Mountain Resort and Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad. Smith, an artist, currently pours beer samples at Ska Brewery Co.

Patterson did not return a call Friday afternoon.

If elected, candidates would serve a four-year term and join councilors Sweetie Marbury and Dick White on the board. Councilors receive a $500 monthly stipend.

Mayor Doug Lyon is term-limited from running again. Councilor Paul Broderick has decided against running for a second term.