Feel-good laws do nothing to stop crimes

On its Opinion page (Feb. 15) the Herald wrote: ďThere is simply no self-defense, hunting-related or constitutional basis upon which to argue that access to magazines that hold countless rounds of ammunition is a right bestowed by our founders.Ē

Hunting has nothing to do with the Second Amendment. The residents of Big Bear, Calif., who had high-capacity magazines felt more comfortable than the unarmed residents while Christopher Dorner was running around killing people.

Why do drivers need a vehicle with a high-capacity engine capable of doing more than 100 mph. Speed kills. More people are killed in cars than with high-capacity magazines. Letís make it a law that cars can only have one cylinder. There is no need for anything larger. Why do we need cars with big engines? Because it is our right to own them. Itís the same with high-capacity magazines. Letís stop this feel-good legislation that will have no effect on gun crime.

Bob Bouslough