City follows policy and pays for frozen pipes

Remember the January cold – the seriously cold January that Durango experienced this year? Double-digit negative nights and single-digit days? Then, the days warmed up, and the nights stayed in the single digits?

My little mountain house suffered: frozen pipes. It didn’t take long, less than 24 hours. The night I discovered no water was flowing into my house was a Sunday evening. I called the city’s emergency phone number. They sent the most respectful, courteous employee. He explained the problem and told me my options.

Apparently, there is a policy within the city wherein if the pipes are frozen from your house to the curb-stop (where your pipes meet the city’s pipes) you are responsible for all repairs and maintenance. If the problem is from the curb-stop and beyond your property, the city is responsible for repairs and maintenance.

In my case, the problem took two days to rectify. A welder came to my house two days in a row. Great guy. He sent an electric current through the pipes to unfreeze them. It took more than seven hours.

After all was corrected and my water was flowing again, the invoice from the welder was handed to me, in my name. The welder did identify that the pipes had frozen in the street and indicated this on the bill.

I wrote a letter to the city sharing my understanding of the policy, and within a week, I received a phone call advising me the city of Durango would be paying the bill.

I just want to say thank you to the city of Durango for taking care of its responsibilities and one of its adoring residents.

Penny Fisher