Cuts could be a reminder for government

As I was listening to a report recently concerning the coming budgetary “sequestration” facing the federal government, it occurred to me that what I’m hearing from Washington is that federal agencies are not only well managed, but are being run efficiently and that the only waste that can be eliminated is human.

They talk about how hundreds or even thousands of people will lose their jobs at each of these agencies as the result of a 5 percent budget reduction that will take place (and 8 percent for the military). I find it hard to believe that for-profit corporations have been able to eliminate waste during the last three to four years to remain profitable during this recession, but our government is so efficiently run it cannot.

Maybe I’m missing something, but it seems to me that while the rest of the country has learned to get by on less (individuals as well as businesses) that a more efficient government is what is needed now, one that is accountable to its taxpayers.

Perhaps sequestration is not as bad as some would have us think. Maybe it would be a good thing to remind those who are in public office who it is they actually work for.

Mike Binkley