McLachlan version lacking common sense

It is amazing how quickly the corruption of politics in Denver ruins our elected representatives, or maybe just exposes them for what they are. A classic case is Colorado 59th District Rep. Mike McLachlan. Just before he voted for the Colorado gun laws, he emailed my wife and I that he was inclined to vote against any magazine ban bill. Then, came the call from Vice President Joe Biden and McLachlan was reduced to a quivering bowl of Jello.

I would really like to know what Biden and his pals in Denver promised McLachlan? Was it a position in the federal judicial system? Maybe some great committee assignments? I hope McLachlan did not sell us out cheaply. But sell us out he did!

A quote from McLachlan’s election Web page: “Mike supports the Second Amendment and the rights of all gun owners.” Here’s another: “I will be a representative (who) carries Southwest Colorado’s common sense values to our Legislature.” How commonly sensible is it to ban any magazine produced in the future that holds more than 15 rounds while still allowing the thousands here to remain legal? I would love to hear McLachlan’s explanation about how this is going to prevent violent crime. McLachlan voted to make the transfer of family heirloom firearms to our children illegal if we don’t register them. Now that was some good common sense.

We begged McLachlan to sponsor legislation that would actually make a difference such as mandatory stiff sentences for those who commit crimes with a weapon and mandatory mental-health reporting by medical facilities and personnel. That would have been real common sense. We all make mistakes and electing McLachlan was a big one. Fortunately, it is one we can correct.

Daniel Moore