Government isn’t coming to take away guns

I was appalled the other day when Rep. Mike McLachlan had his town-hall meeting and someone challenged him about his military service. To challenge someoneís military service to his or her country is about as low as you can go.

Also, we need to be on the offensive about gun control. I, personally, have guns, am a veteran and think the laws being proposed make sense and could/would save lives. We should not believe that some of those mass killings canít happen in our community. To limit some of those military-type guns, magazine/clip size and background checks could make the difference in your child staying alive or dying in a school attack.

The other thing: Handling these very dangerous weapons takes a lot of skill, and, in an emergency situation, could be lethal. It is an emotional issue, but we must take action to help make us safer.

I am not concerned that the government is coming for my guns. They are all legal, and I can do anything that I want to do with them (legally), including hunting any animal I wish to hunt. Donít let these people take McLachlan down on this issue as he a good representative and he will always try and do what is in our best interest.

Joe Gonzales