Rundown Shiprock homes to be rebuilt

FARMINGTON – Ninety-one rundown and abandoned homes will be demolished and replaced on the south side of the Shiprock on the Navajo Nation in northwestern New Mexico.

The Navajo Housing Authority and a property management company, South Shiprock Housing, agreed Thursday to go ahead with the federally funded project, The Daily Times reported.

Many of the 10-year-old homes are heavily damaged from vandalism and weather. Graffiti covers walls and trash litters the floors.

Earl Tulley, the housing authority’s chief operations officer, said it will seek bids by April.

The authority will provide $9.3 million to tear down the homes and start to rebuild them. The authority will provide more funding later but how much that will be isn’t known. Tulley said the homes will be reconstructed according to the original plans.

“Every one of those units is going to have to be taken down and built from the ground up,” Tulley said. “We’re not going to piecemeal this. I can tell you one thing, they will be built in better condition.”

Russell Begaye, Navajo Nation Council delegate from Shiprock, said students have written to him about the homes’ poor conditions.

“They feel ashamed sometimes when people come visit them and pass by those houses,” Begaye said.