Outside support relevant given gun debate

I was out of town and was unable to attend the Legislative Lowdown but applaud the League of Women Voters for hosting it. Reading the Herald’s account of the meeting (Feb. 24) left me wondering a couple of things.

While agreeing with Mike McLachlan in calling for a conversation about guns, the Second Amendment, mental health and public safety, shouldn’t that conversation have come before his voting on four house bills concerning these issues? Issues which, agree or disagree, undeniably limit Second Amendment rights while arguably doing little to improve safety. According to the Herald, McLachlan did speak with Joe Biden about the proposed legislation. Maybe Mike could better represent his constituency by conversing with us. Or does the ruling class just intend to get together and decide what is in our collective best interest on all topics?

Twice in the Herald story, it points out that some individuals present were from outside of District 59. Shouldn’t we expect, if not support, attendance of fellow Coloradans (or for that matter, any U.S. citizen), given that as the phone call from our vice president evidences, the house bills supported by McLachlan have national implications?

Walter Smith