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Volunteers light up remote Navajo homes

Many Navajos live in remote places far from utilities that most Americans take for granted. Some locals have been traveling to the huge Navajo reservation to bring electric lights to at least a few of those homes.

Bayfield residents Barb and John Wickman and Scot Trinklein have gone on two...




 Colorado 380x230

The Bayfield Wolverines are the winners of the 2A Colorado state football title after defeating Platte Valley 28-20 on Saturday. Shown here are the proud senior players and managers with their state...


  • Cortez Colorado Friends won't forget anniversary of Dylan Redwine disappearance

    Friends won't forget anniversary of Dylan Redwine disappearance

    By Lisa Bourque

    Editor's note: This was written one year ago in November of 2014. During that time, a law enforcement search of Middle Mountain found more items in relation to the disappearance of Dylan Redwine, and his father, Mark Redwine, has been named a person of interest in what was determined to be his son's...
  • Upper Pine captain thanks supporters as she starts cancer treatment

    I would like to say thank you to everyone who came to the Upper Pine Fire pancake breakfast at Station 5 on Sunday, Oct. 25. I have always been amazed by how much this community is willing to give and I feel privileged to have been the recipient of so much love and support. Having one less thing to worry about as I begin treatment will make life...
  • Vote yes on Bayfield's question 2D

    Bayfield streets, sidewalks and trails can be improved and better maintained with a yearly incoming source of revenues derived from a one-cent sales tax increase dedicated specifically for streets and storm water drainage systems.

    A sales tax is one of the fairest means of additional revenues whereby everyone shares in the cost such as...