Work finishing on first comp plan sections

Eight months into the process, county planning commissioners and planning staffers are wrapping up work on the first several sections of an updated comprehensive plan.

Word-smithing occupied much of their Oct. 1 meeting, along with discussion of whether maps should be in the chapters that...



Mail stolen from Bayfield Post Office

Someone broke into post office boxes and lockers at the Bayfield Post Office on Sept. 26 or Sept. 27, according to post office staff.



  • Sales tax is fair way to share street costs

    As a participant in local government, I have come to appreciate roads as one of the fundamental roles of governance. All great civilizations had roads at their core. All too often citizens take roads for granted, never thinking about how they are funded, built and maintained. On the ballot this election is ballot question 2D which asks the voters...
  • Bayfield: Vote YES on 2D

    This letter is in support of Ballot Issue 2D which Bayfield voters will be deciding with mail-in ballots in this November's election.

    Back in the mid-1980s, Bayfield's streets were gravel. That is when the people of Bayfield voted to pave those streets, making the decision that paved streets would be a better deal all the way around than...
  • PRVHS museum thanks visitors

    The PRVHS Museum's fundraiser with the Bar D Wranglers on Friday, Sept. 25 was a sellout. What a way to end our season! We are very appreciative for all the support we received from folks near and far. With continued donations from the community and visitors to the museum, we are able to keep operating to share our pioneer heritage

    A big...