New activity banners go up in BHS gym

Refurbishing the Bayfield High School gym has caused controversy among some BHS alumni.

The collection of old banners, some listing competitors on state champion teams, were removed and have been replaced by new ones that list all school activities, along with the years of their state,...



Bobcat pride fills Ignacio

Ignacio's Homecoming spirit on Friday afternoon was brimming with class floats and red and black school pride. The Bobcat football team takes on...

Durango Bobcat pride fills Ignacio
 Colorado 380x230

The young Bobcat football team is searching for the first win of the season under new coach Ponch Garcia.


  • Bayfield streets need funding source

    Bayfield is a small town of 2,500 residents who live nestled in the Pine River Valley amongst wild bears, plentiful deer, some elk, turkeys galore (yes, there are barking dogs) and so much more.

    We have more sport complexes and churches than most towns this size and what a prize! We are close to self-sufficiency with an assortment of...
  • Support Bayfield sales-tax increase

    Why do I support the proposed 1 cent sales tax increase? EASY! This sales tax increase will fund a major backlog that the Town of Bayfield has in street maintenance and stormwater drainage. I want to see MY TOWN in the best shape that it can be. The sales tax is the fairest way to distribute the cost. Not just those of us who live within city...
  • Jean Brown thanks committee

    It was an honor and a privilege to be chosen as Grand Marshal for the Heritage Days parade. I want to thank the Heritage Days Committee and everyone involved for all of the hard work in making Heritage Days a success.

    Without a celebration like this, our young people growing up in the Pine River Valley would not realize where their...